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AG体育App下载利用科学的力量, 探索, 教育, 讲故事来照亮和保护AG体育App世界的奇迹. Our success achieving this ambitious mission starts with your unwavering personal commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct. 

它是AG体育App是谁以及AG体育App如何工作的基础. It’s the reason National Geographic is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the world. 这就是为什么这么多有才华的人和组织想要与AG体育App合作. Maintaining this trust, which we have earned since our founding in 1888, is essential to our mission. 

AG体育App生活的基本原则是直截了当——总是诚实行事, 公平和透明. These principles are not always easy to apply given the complexities of the world in which we work. 这就是AG体育App有道德准则的原因. 

This is our collective starting point to make sure each of us puts the Society’s expectations for ethical conduct to good practice. The 道德规范 takes the principles that have made our organization successful and puts them together in a way that will hopefully make them easier for you to apply — and to get help if you have a question or encounter a challenging situation. 一定要阅读这些原则,并再次坚持这些原则. 

And I strongly encourage you to ask questions if you have any concerns about any business practice or conduct you observe at work. 有大量的资源可以支持你提出问题, getting answers to any questions and addressing concerns you may have — all in recognition of just how vital your thoughts and questions are when it comes to our ethical standards. 

Thank you for your continuing commitment to integrity and upholding the highest standard of ethical conduct in your work for the Society. 




  • 介绍

    AG体育App下载’s success is built on the foundation of each staff member acting according to the highest standard of ethical behavior, 包括诚实, 公平和透明.

    Our 道德规范 establishes this as the fundamental requirement for everything you do on behalf of the Society. The Code also serves as a roadmap to put the Society’s ethical standards into practice. It summarizes some of our key policies for doing business consistent with our standards, and the law. 本守则并没有描述所有政策, or the underlying laws each of us must follow; nor does it give full details on any individual policy or law. It offers links to additional information (including underlying policies) and contacts to help answer any questions you might have, 或者解决你可能面临的困难情况.

     Reading the 道德规范 is not a substitute for reading and familiarizing yourself with AG体育App下载’s policies. You are responsible for understanding and following all Society policies that apply to your position. 如果你不清楚这些政策, 或者如何遵守它们, 找出真相是你的责任. 有很多资源可以帮助你,包括你的经理, 人力资源, 法律及商业事务(L&文学士(BA)和社会道德官员. 联络资料载于守则的最后一页.

    重要的是, AG体育App期待AG体育App的第三方代表(独立承包商, 代理, 咨询顾问, 供应商, 业务合作伙伴 and others who support our mission or receive our funds) to act with the same high standards that our 道德规范 requires of us, and to comply with all policies applicable to the work they do on AG体育App下载’s behalf.

  • 保持最高的道德操守

    Our brand trust and reputation is ultimately the result of the personal integrity and highest standards of ethical conduct you demonstrate in everything you do for AG体育App下载.

    你必须执行最高标准的道德决策, and sound professional judgment regardless of where or when you are doing business on AG体育App下载’s behalf. 有两个基本原则必须指导你的行动:

    1. 以公平、合法和道德的方式进行业务的各个方面;
    2. 鼓励并期待和你一起工作的每个人都这样做.

    We are deeply committed to performing our mission in a manner that earns the respect of everyone we interact with 包括: charitable donors, 商业伙伴, 第三方代表, 社会成员, AG体育App的工作人员, 探险家, 研究员, 受资助者和公众. We believe that the consistent application of our standard of ethical conduct is the best way to do it.

    You are responsible for promoting the Society’s mission in a fair, ethical and professional manner. The professionalism you demonstrate in your work helps us sustain and enhance the Society’s reputation. 这也使社会成为一个伟大的工作场所.

  • 职业行为、非歧视和反骚扰

    本会以其专业而融洽的工作环境而自豪, and will take necessary steps to ensure that the environment is a productive one that complies with all applicable laws. 协会禁止对任何雇员的歧视和骚扰, 申请人, 承包商, 或者其他第三方. All individuals working for or on behalf of the Society must treat each other with respect and avoid discriminatory, 进攻, 或贬低的行为.

    Discrimination and harassment may subject both the Society and the person responsible to liability. NGS has zero tolerance for policy violations confirmed as a result of an internal investigation, 并将根据情况采取适当的行动来处理此类侵犯行为, up to and including termination of employment or business relationship (for third parties). The zero tolerance policy applies to both illegal harassment and discrimination as well as behavior that, 虽然不是非法的, 与富有成效的人发生冲突, 专业的工作环境.

    看到 非歧视及反骚扰政策 额外的信息.

  • 避免利益冲突

    大多数潜在的冲突都可以用一种简单的、双方都能接受的方式来解决. The key is to disclose it promptly – 之前 it becomes an actual conflict that could com承诺 your responsibility to act in AG体育App下载’s best interest exclusively.

    当你, 家庭成员或亲密的朋友有自己的生意, financial or personal interest in the other side of a transaction or business dealings with AG体育App下载. 你必须始终以AG体育App下载的最大利益为出发点行事. This includes being sensitive to situations where it might appear your responsibility to the Society is com承诺d.


    • 任何社会交易中的个人、家庭或经济利益;
    • 担任竞争对手的雇员、顾问(或提供任何其他协助);
    • 竞争对手的经济利益, 供应商, 承包商, grantee or fellow; consultant, 或其他商业伙伴;
    • 雇用或管理家庭成员的;
    • 接受礼物, 折扣, services beyond policy limits from anyone doing (or seeking) business with AG体育App下载.

    如果你有一个潜在的冲突,你必须报告给你的经理 之前你参与任何与情境相关的活动. 你的经理,与你,人力资源部和L&BA,将决定应该采取什么措施来适当解决它. Such measures typically include recusing yourself from any decision relating to the matter. 如果你不确定,但有疑问,可以向你的人力资源部经理寻求帮助&BA,也就是社会道德官员.



    这里有一些利益冲突的例子. 他们是说明, 不详尽的, 目的是增强你发现潜在冲突的能力, 提出问题,这样他们就可以得到适当的解决:

    • 员工选择其配偶为所有者的供应商, 合作伙伴, 供应商的主管或高级人员, 或者在供应商的业务中拥有财务权益.
    • 一名员工代表协会与商业伙伴协商协议
    • An employee approves a grant application by a family member without disclosing the relationship to a higher-level manager and seeking guidance as required.
    • An employee oversees grant fulfillment activities of a grantee organization for which the employee serves as a board member.



    Staff members may not receive any gift worth more than $100 from any person or organization doing business with AG体育App下载. Staff members involved in 采购 decisions must take extra care to avoid any gifts that might affect, 或似乎影响, 他们代表AG体育App下载承担决策责任.

  • 严禁贪污贿赂

    如果你认为有不正当的报酬, 提供或, you must report it promptly to the 伦理官员 or another contact listed on the last page of the Code.

    AG体育App工作的每个国家都有反贪污贿赂的法律. AG体育App认真遵守这些法律. 作为一个你.S.的组织, AG体育App下载 focuses particular attention on the anti-bribery standards of the U.S. 《AG体育App下载》.

    AG体育App可能不会提供, 承诺, 支付, 给予或批准任何贿赂, kickback or other inducement in the form of cash or anything else of value (such as gifts, 旅行, 娱乐, 慈善捐款)捐给任何个人或组织, 意图对受赠人施加不正当影响, 诱导受赠人违背忠诚义务, 为AG体育App下载争取到不正当的优势, 或者对受赠人过去的行为给予不当的奖励. 也不AG体育App是否可以允许第三方代表(如报关经纪人), 独立承包人, 咨询顾问, 业务合作伙伴, 或者其他任何人)来代表AG体育App这样做.

    Our Anti-Corruption policy sets standards that must be followed in our relationships with Explorers, 研究员, 盼, 第三方代表, 实地工作者(“调停者”), 参展商及慈善捐款受赠人. 另外, there are special standards that apply to our interactions with government officials (including 旅行, 住宿, 吃饭和娱乐).

  • 展示商业和财务诚信

    AG体育App依靠支持AG体育App使命的个人和组织的慷慨. We take our obligation for responsible business and financial stewardship very seriously.


    负责财政资源的支出, 以及使用国家地理协会的资产, 对社会的健全管理是必不可少的吗, 维护AG体育App的声誉, 以及AG体育App的捐助者和合作伙伴对AG体育App的持续信心.

    确保AG体育App的财务报表正确反映AG体育App的资产, liabilities and transactions the financial records each staff member submits must be complete, 准确的和可以理解的. 这包括AG体育App每个人的信息

    在薪资文件中提供, 时间卡, 差旅及费用报告, 采购, 以及其他AG体育App下载的财务记录. 你做生意必须遵守的主要原则, 支出及记录包括:

    • 行为道德, 始终以专业和负责的态度处理NGS的资源(资金), 商标及其他财产).
    • 花AG体育App下载的钱时要保守一点.
    • 商务记录要准确、全面和真实.



    与第三方(如独立承包商)签订的所有合同, 咨询顾问, 供应商, 供应商, 商业伙伴和其他)必须得到L的批准&BA先于AG体育App下载与第三方开展业务, 而且在工作开始前必须签订合同. No contractual agreement will be considered valid and enforceable by the AG体育App下载 in the absence approval. 

    尊重知识产权, 包括国家地理协会等拥有的版权和商标, 对AG体育App至关重要吗. AG体育App每个人都有责任确保这些权利得到维护. 你必须联系L&BA,以获得执照, 或其他适当的许可, 在您的作品中使用任何知识产权之前. 

    AG体育App遵守美国的所有规定.S. 政府贸易制裁. 这些制裁可能禁止或限制前往某些国家的旅行, 业务活动(如赠款, 合同, 涉及某些国家的合作), 公民, 实体、个人和项目(如笔记本电脑), 智能手机, 技术设备)可以出口到某些国家.

  • 使用我.T. 系统的解释

    Each of us is responsible for protecting AG体育App下载’s information technology systems (including our computer network, 硬件, 软件及所有相关应用). AG体育App必须尽AG体育App的力量来保护这些系统免受破坏, 变更, 盗窃, 欺诈, 误用及未经授权的访问.

  • 媒体咨询和社交媒体

    The Communications Team is exclusively responsible for handling all media inquiries concerning the Society as well as overseeing the creation and use of AG体育App下载 sponsored social media.

  • 游说及政治活动

    AG体育App下载可能在美国从事特定的、有限的游说活动.S.在国际上支持AG体育App的使命. The Society must document its lobbying activities and confine them to acceptable levels in order to maintain the Society’s status as a tax exempt, 不是——以营利为目的的组织. 本会不得参与任何形式的政治竞选活动.

  • 解决关切并报告违规行为

    Each of us shares the privilege and responsibility of upholding the Society’s reputation. 你每做一次符合道德和法律的事都要这么做.


    We recognize that there are situations in which making the right decision can be challenging. 表示了担忧, 越早越好, you give AG体育App下载 the opportunity to resolve issues that might otherwise be damaging to our mission and reputation.

    其中许多问题都可以与你的经理协商解决, 或者是更高一级的管理层. 所有的管理者都有责任对员工保持“开放的大门”. 或者,你也可以联系人力资源部L&文学士或社会道德官员. AG体育App是来支持你做正确的事的.



    如果你认为这违反了法律, AG体育App的道德准则或政策可能已经发生, 或者将要发生, 你绝对有义务立即报告. AG体育App希望你和你的经理讨论这件事时不会感到不自在, we recognize that there may be times when you prefer to use another avenue for addressing an issue. You should feel comfortable reporting the issue to any one of the following:  your next level manager, 人力资源, L&BA,社会道德官,总统 & 首席运营官,首席执行官或任何董事会成员.

    作为报告实际和潜在违法行为的另一途径, AG体育App下载 offers an external Helpline available to you 24 hours a day, 每周7天, 一年365天. The Helpline is operated by an independent third party who specializes in these services. 你可以提交一封电子邮件, 基于web或自动电话报告, and you have the option of speaking to a trained customer service representative who will listen to your concern. 您可以联系外部服务热线(888)647-0647 (888- ngs -0- ngs),或 EthicsNGS@getintouch.com, or www.intouchwebsite.com/NGS .

    Reports to the helpline can be made anonymously, but we strongly encourage you to identify yourself. 这有助于确保你的担忧得到了充分的考虑和适当的解决. You can arrange to receive and respond to follow up communications through the helpline even if you choose to be anonymous. We ask that you make these arrangements in order for us to communicate with you about the issue. 报告将提交给道德操守官进行适当处理.



    所有报告都违反了法律, AG体育App的道德守则或政策将被迅速调查, 客观、全面. AG体育App下载将这些视为机密的内部事务. Information about them is shared only to the extent necessary to investigate and take any corrective action AG体育App下载 deems appropriate for resolving the matter consistent with our standards and law.

    Staff members found to have committed violations are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and possible legal action depending on the violation.

    类似的, 第三方代表, 还有其他代表AG体育App的人, are subject to having their business relationship with AG体育App下载 terminated, 以及其他可能的惩罚, 因违反.

    有效的, honest and open communication are indispensable in everything we do for AG体育App下载 – including our efforts to support the timely and effective resolution of potential issues.


    Retaliation against any staff member who reports misconduct is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. 预计工作人员将征求意见, 引起了人们的担忧, 诚实地报告潜在的不当行为,并配合调查过程. 这一点至关重要,因为沉默会在道德和服从方面伤害AG体育App.

    如果你觉得自己因为做了一份诚实的报告而受到报复, 请务必联系守则最后一页列出的资源之一.

  • 对管理者的额外期望

    Managers have a special responsibility to model our 道德规范 with words backed up by actions that set a strong example for all to follow, 包括:

    • 不要忽视违法行为, 违反道德规范, policy violations or other conduct that does not meet our high expectations for ethical and lawful conduct;
    • Ensure that the staff and third parties you manage are familiar with our 道德规范, 理解AG体育App强大的道德和合规文化的重要性;
    • 创造一个工作环境,让员工能够轻松地讨论AG体育App的道德规范, 当他们有担忧的时候,大声说出来;
    • Promptly escalate concern about a potential violation of law, our 道德规范 or policies to L&BA.
    • Never retaliate against a staff member who reports a concern about suspected or actual misconduct, 或者容忍别人的报复.

  • 认证

    AG体育App下载 requires staff members and Trustees to certify compliance with the 道德规范, 每年制定政策和适用法律.

  • 联系信息








    法律 & 商务




    梅根·爱德华兹,高级副法律顾问 & 伦理官员 



    Jeanne Fink,副总裁,高级副法律顾问



    Agnes Tabah,副总裁,高级副法律顾问




    (888) 647 - 0647 (NGS-0-NGS)