5 of the hottest home designs

Are you part of the growing movement that loves house pawn? That is, incredible homes that are enough to make anyone drool thanks to some truly spectacular features, architecture and décor?

Well, if you’re a house pawn junkie, then we have a treat for you! Here’s a look at some of the world’s hottest homes!

The Micro Home

small micro homes

Micro homes are all the rage in Asia, where the sky high population, combined with already-crowded cities such as Tokyo, have resulted in some very incredible – albeit tiny – homes.

These tiny homes are at the cutting edge of architecture, layout and price. With square footages in the hundreds, these micro homes are placed on tiny lots and they have all the features of a larger home, just miniaturized, with an interior design that maximizes space in ways you never knew was possible!

The Glass House

glass house south africa
This home is located in Johannesburg, South Africa and it gives new meaning to terms such as “open” and “airy.”

This home has more windows than walls, resulting in an extremely airy layout, yet it still maintains distinctive rooms and spaces – quite a feat, considering the distinct lack of walls!
One thing is certain, though: this is one home where you can’t afford to be bothered by nosy neighbors!

The Garden Home

garden home

This house, located in Ramat HaSharon, Israel, has an incredible courtyard garden that’s simply to die for. Dominated by a beautiful water feature that abuts the home, this peaceful garden space is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. And floor-to-ceiling glass, combined with a stark white décor, makes for a dream-like feel that’s sure to make you envious!

The Geometric Home

geometric home

This home features a beautiful geometry, with square and rectangular elements that are carried through into the home’s interior décor.

Located in South West Oakville, Ontario, this home as a uniquely surreal feel, from the rooftop garden area, to the pool and outdoor lounge area. The outdoor area has a very open feel, which is rarely successful, as people generally tend to prefer more compartmentalized outdoor sitting areas. But this is a delightful exception indeed!

The Green Home


Called The Zero Home, this home is the first of its kind, as it’s the very first home in Climate Zone 5 to be certified as having net zero energy consumption. That means all energy is produced on-site, so simply stated, the home makes all the energy it consumes.

Located in Herriman, Utah, the 4,300 square foot Zero Home features a practical design, lots of natural light, a clean modern design and did we mention that you won’t have to pay for electricity? That alone is enough to earn this home status one of the most popular homes among house pawn fans!