Creativity is a beautiful thing with Adobe – My review

I have always been in love with anything creative as far as I can remember.

I think the obsession started as a young child. I was fascinated by creating things whether it was a movie, an artwork or even a dance routine for my sister. I was one whacko child – I guess I still am that whacko child.

Art is more than just an expression of yourself. It is an extension of your inner voice that no one else can hear except you. It is an outlet to explore your inner passions.

This isn’t a serious review about Adobe products but I do feel inclined to write about Adobe Creative cloud.

I discovered Adobe Photoshop in my teen years. I am by no account a professional! I am as amateur as they come, but Adobe products have brought so much joy to my life. Whether it be doing a photo shoot for a friend or some touch ups for a family member, it has always brought this sense of happiness to my life.

I often wonder why I have never explored a career in a creative field. Perhaps it is self sabotage in some way or a fear of not being good enough. I often wonder what a career in a creative medium would have been like for me.

I wanted to share this video in this so called Adobe Creative cloud review (where is the review lol).

Rather than putting the review into words I think this video best sums up the impromptu joy, happiness, surprise and humanity products like Adobe Creative cloud bring into our lives.

Enjoy. And be inspired.