Liposuction – my Christmas gift to me


Hey guys,

So it has been some time since i have posted on here.

I’ve actually just come back from a cosmetic surgery procedure.

I had liposuction and upper eyelid surgery.

I’ve had a roller coaster of emotions since I’ve had it. Firstly I was by myself with no friends or family around me which kind of sucks. I wasn’t really afraid of the surgery itself but it just felt a little lonely been in a totally different state 1000 kilometres away from everyone.

The best news is that my sister, brother in law and friends have all been very supportive and understanding of why i am doing this.

My eyes feel considerably swollen still. I hope that they come good for new years eve. There is still what I believe to be dissolvable sutures in them and a purple glue. They have healed incredibly quick but like with everyone i wish it would hurry up.

I had my surgery on the 20th december and today is the 26th december. The yellow bruising has started to appear all over my body which sucks but i know it will go away very soon.

Anyways thats just a little mini post from me to let you all know I’m still here and i will be blogging very soon.

Wishing all of you a merry christmas and safe and happy holidays.