Blackberry is still the best productivity platform. Period.

Blackberry Q10


Blackberry has been receiving a bad wrap recently and frankly I don’t understand why.

I have been a long time Apple fan boy but at the same time I love my blackberry.

It’s such a shame that the media has attacked blackberry ever since their OS 10 launch and everyone has joined the bandwagon to discredit the amazing productivity the blackberry can bring you.

Okay, so it’s not the choice of phone for your average hipster but in terms of productivity, Blackberry is superior to any platform out there when it comes to business.

Nothing compares to the Blackberry hub integration.

Nothing compares to the precision of the physical blackberry keyboard.

This is hardly a blackberry review but rather a mini rant.

The company is in trouble – yes we know, but they need to be given a chance.

The bad press is only further tarnishing their brand unfairly.

I hope that blackberry can survive the negative media frenzy surrounding them because they deserve to maintain position as the 3rd most popular device in the world.

Blackberry if you are reading this I want to give you some advice- It’s fairly obvious you have lost a huge chunk of your consumer market. You really need to find more celebrity ambassadors for your brand. Celebrities like the Kardashian girls were long time users of your brand and I am certain that their influence once brought much success to your brand. You need to get the celebrities on board and the cool kids will come flocking back to blackberry.

For now I remain a loyal iPhone user and a Blackberry long time admirer.

Long live blackberry.