Bluehost vs HostgatorSo you have finally decided to start that blog or perhaps you are in the market to host your business domain somewhere. I can only imagine that you must be extremely confused as to where you should host your site.

Finding a reliable host can save you a lot of headaches down the track.

I have often heard the debate between friends regarding who is more superior Bluehost vs Hostgator, Hostgator vs Bluehost and so on.

In this updated January 2018 review I am going to focus on both hosting companies considering that I currently use both for hosting different sites. Let the battle begin!


Bluehost vs Hostgator Credibility – Who has been around longer?

Bluehost has been serving customers since 1996 and has been voted as one of the 20 largest web hosting companies in the world hosting just under 2 million domains.

Hostgator has embraced competition gradually and their efforts have paid off. Hostgator is now  number 10 largest hosting provider. As of 2013 they now host over 9,000,000 websites according to Inc. Magazine.

Winner  It’s a TIE. Both hosting providers share EQUAL credibility in this category



Bluehost and Hostgator both provide cPanel. This is an important aspect of web hosting especially if you are already used to using a cPanel.

Both providers regularly keep their cPanel and WHM panel up to date keeping your files safely tucked away from intruders.

The billing area for both providers is decent and easy enough to navigate. As I was doing the Hostgator review I also noticed that cPanel is fairly customized so it looks like they also provide a whole bunch of other goodies for no charge.

Hostgator harness the power of their mascot ‘gator’ beautifully. They use this little guy as the creative outlet throughout their site from the billing area to waiting for live support. Hostgator make the online experience fun and whimsical as you navigate through their inner pages.

Winner Hostgator. Their user experience is creative fun. Bluehost feels clinical


Features and Pricing

Hostgator and Bluehost both provide similar features and I could spend the next 20 paragraphs rambling on about each feature, so instead, I will just provide the links so you can check this out yourself. While Bluehost provide one flat plan, Hostgator offers a variety of options depending on what is required. While an all you an eat plan sounds enticing, you don’t always need it. More does not always mean better.

BLUEHOST FEATURES Hostgator Features Winner Winner: Bluehost. One plan. One price.


Customer support

I am fairly competent technically so I don’t have to call on the services of customer support very often.

As I completed the hostgator review part of this article I remember that I made regular visits to the live chat department.

There have been situations where I required urgent answers and my livechat experience with Hostgator has been fantastic.

Hostgator even make the waiting experience fun by introducing their mascot in a series of humorous animations as you wait for to be called to the ‘next counter’ as you hear a bell sign.

Bluehost is equally as good however I must admit from time to time I have received mediocre live chat support that I suspect was probably outsourced to a foreign country on some occasions. In any case I was able to eventually get the answer I needed.

Both companies provide different avenues for support including 24 x 7 live chat, telephone and email.

Winner Hostgator. 100% success with their live support.

Hostgator review


Performance and reliability

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the performance and reliability of both hosting providers. This is where they both annihilate the rest of the market due to their superior server and data centre facilities that outshine the competition.

Both offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and I have to be honest that I am yet to experience one outage with either of them.

I have never seen the load of the servers spike above 0.03 on the hostgator servers and that has me blown away to be honest. They are reliable as hell and clearly maintained by experienced engineers. It might be timely to also mention that Hostgator actually employee 850 staff for this task alone.

Winner Hostgator. Performance is rock solid.



If you are currently with an existing host fear not as most of the time your transfer from host to host is seamless. Bluehost charge $99 to move your hosting from one domain to the next. Hostgator will do it for free quickly and seamlessly.

Winner Hostgator. It is provided for free as part of their service.


Final thoughts on the Bluehost vs Hostgator battle off

I was initially going to do a Bluehost review and a Hostgator review separately. I decided that its probably overkill and a comparison review would do the job. Needless to say it hasn’t been an easy article to write considering how fantastic both companies are.

When it comes to reliability I have had a fantastic experience with both providers.

Based on customer experience, performance and reliability my experiences with Hostgator have been amazing so Hostgator wins hands down for me.

I have been hosting with Hostgator for many years and I have not had any downtime at all. If reliability is what you are after then Hostgator is the right choice for you.

Update January 2018 – I have re-evaluted my review for relevancy and my opinion still hasn’t changed.

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