Forever Comfy Review: A Goopy Not-So-Comfy Mess!


As a freelance writer, I spend an average of 12 to 16 hours per day working, which means I spend a long portion of my day sitting down. After about eight hours of sitting, even the most comfortable chair starts to feel like a brick! So when I saw the Forever Comfy cushion advertised on TV, I was totally sold!

So when I saw it at Wal-Mart, I scooped it up! I purchased my Forever Comfy cushion for $19.99 — and it turns out that I spent $19.99 too much!

This cushion not only self-destructed; it also took down my office chair and my favorite pair of pajama pants in the process! And all because the Forever Comfy is filled with the goopy equivalent of evil!

Here’s the story:

I got my new Forever Comfy home. Excited, I ripped it out of the package and plopped it down on my office chair. I was in heaven! It was really nice! I even picked up a second one for my husband’s office chair!

Then, a few days passed and I noticed it wasn’t so comfy anymore. I compared it to the brand new one on my husband’s chair — he hadn’t used it yet since he was away on business — and my Forever Comfy cushion was about half an inch shorter than his. In just eight days, it lost a good portion of its fluffy-ness!

Epic fail number one for Forever Comfy. Here’s a marketing tip: Don’t put the word ‘forever’ in your product name if it only stays comfy for a week! And let me add that I’m not a heavy woman; I weigh 103 lbs. So it’s not as though I’m a 400-pounder left scratching my head and wondering why the damn cushion flattens out. I probably weigh less than a majority of the American adult population. So it seems like the quality of the foam just plain sucks.

But it was still more comfortable than my bare office chair cushion, so I kept using it.

After a few days, a new problem arose: the super thin gel pad (which is sandwiched between two layers of low-quality foam, and to be honest, I doubt it makes any difference!) started to slide out of place. It was scrunching up, causing uncomfortable lumps. So I took to flattening out the gel pad a few times per day.
But even with adjustments, it was still more comfortable than my bare office chair, so I kept using it. I’d pay the price for that decision!

A couple days ago — about two and a half weeks after I purchased it —- I was perched atop by Forever Comfy, writing an article for a client when I felt an odd, cold sensation when my leg brushed against my pajama pants. Strange, right?

I jumped up out of the seat to investigate and found that I was sitting amidst a growing pool of goop. Somehow, the gel pad layer broke and the gel started to seep out. It was the most disgusting, goopy gel I’ve ever encountered. It was so incredibly sticky! And it was all over the chair cushion, my pants and the floor.

So, epic fail number two for Forever Comfy: Not only did my Forever Comfy self-destruct, but it also ruined my office chair and stained my pants! For the past two days, I’ve been soaking my pants in laundry detergent with no luck. I’ve tried de-greaser. I’ve tried dish soap. I even tried letting the pants dry out, thinking the goop would dry up, allowing me to scrape it off. No dice.
I don’t know what they’ve put in that Forever Comfy goop, but I think they’re on to something with that formula as it’s impossible to remove!

I even went online to read Forever Comfy reviews, hoping I’d find someone who had the same problem who may mention how they got the goop out of fabric. No luck. While lots of other consumers have also found themselves covered in sticky, goopy gel, nobody mentioned any effective remedy for removing it from upholstery or clothing.

Of course, the actual Forever Comfy cushion was trashed. Covered in goop. So to sum it up, the take-home points of my Forever Comfy review:

Forever Comfy, you owe me $19.99, a new pair of PJ pants, a new, unstained office chair, two rolls of paper towels and about two hours of my time!
So, if you’re considering a Forever Comfy, please save yourself the hassle and mess! Opt for a nice pillow instead. That’s what I did and it’s worked nicely. It’s comfortable and it hasn’t left me covered me in sticky goop!