Inspiration through emotion

Over the years, I’ve found the best inspiration comes from emotion, especially those extremely powerful, all-consuming emotions such as fear, sadness, even anger.

Harnessing these emotions at will is absolutely essential if you’re an artist. Creatives thrive on moments of powerful inspiration; it’s what drives our artwork, music and other creations! If only there was a way that we could capture and bottle those emotions, right? Ah, but there is!

One extremely effective way to capture those strong emotions is through writing in a journal or diary. I’ve found it’s best to write as soon as possible after you experience something powerful — even while you’re still experiencing that emotion, if possible. Simply write! Write what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling these emotions.

This allows you to capture or ‘bottle’ your emotions; re-visiting those feelings is as simple as reading over your writing. You’re instantly transported back to that moment in time. Perfect for processing your emotions and summoning them precisely when you need inspiration!