Inspiration is rooted through emotion

In addition to capturing and ‘bottling’ your emotions in a written journal or blog entry, you can also use music to help evoke emotion when you need it for inspiration!

Beyond the lyrics and overall sound of a song, music can evoke powerful emotions when you form an association between the song and an experience or emotion. Music can also be a helpful tool for finding inspiration.

I make it a point to listen to specific songs when I’m sad, another set of songs when I’m angry, yet another set of songs when I’m happy and so forth. I’m also careful to listen to these songs when I’m writing about an experience. This enables you to form an association between certain pieces of music and very specific emotional experiences.

Then, once you’ve formed a solid association between song and emotion, you can use that music to evoke those emotions. Perfect for finding inspiration, since the best inspiration is rooted in emotion!

Here is one of the most inspirations and journey filled tracks of all time.