Learning Spanish

Rocket Spanish is just one of the many foreign language learning systems available through Rocket Languages, which promotes its ability to teach people how to “speak and understand a new language faster.” Today, we’ll explore the pros and cons of this program and how it compares to some of the other Spanish learning programs that are available.

As my businesses started to expand I realized I needed to network more, and my potential investors for my niche of business were foreign. They were Spanish and I realized I needed to connect with them on their level of speaking.

The Facts about Spanish

Worldwide, there are about 330 million native Spanish speakers – and millions more who speak Spanish as a second or third language – which makes Spanish the second most-spoken native language, behind Chinese which has an incredible 1.2 billion native speakers. If you’re curious, English ranks as the third most popular native language, with about 328 million.

In terms of countries where Spanish is considered the native language, there are a total of 44 nations where Spanish is the official language. It’s in fourth place, behind English (which is the native language in 112 countries), French (which is the native language in 60 nations), and Arabic (which is the native language in 57 countries across the globe.) It’s also one of the world’s most phonetic languages in terms of the spelling and pronunciation.

In the United States, the Latino/Hispanic demographic is expected to achieve majority status around 2043, which means Spanish is slated to increase in popularity. This means that language learning systems like Rocket Spanish are becoming even more and more useful, both in the business world and in a practical sense.

Rocket Spanish is a primarily online-based language learning system, through the system also features an optional 20-disc CD-ROM set for anyone who prefers to learn offline. It’s designed for a wide range of students, including absolute beginners and travelers. In fact, there are a number of features that are designed specifically for travelers, like the Spanish travel vocabulary interface as I discovered doing this Rocket Spanish review.

The Rocket Spanish members portal

One major competitor for Rocket Languages is Rosetta Stone’s Version 4 TOTAL package, which is priced at $249 for the Level 1 package – quite a bit more expensive than the comparable Level 1 Rocket Spanish package, which is priced at $99. Rosetta Stone does have a more refined interface and general appearance, which is the one area where Rocket Spanish fails.

Specifically, the Rocket Languages homepage is very off-putting, as it has the appearance of an internet marketer’s squeeze page – it’s a curious marketing decision, as these squeeze pages are traditionally associated with gimmicks and low-quality products and systems that don’t really work. There’s very little information about the actual language learning programs and there’s a few too many reviews, which occupy about a third of the page.

The text is also thick with promotional rhetoric and it takes a fair amount of digging to determine precisely what the program actually entails. So, it goes without saying that the marketing materials could use significant improvement.

The Rocket Spanish website interface is also quite difficult to navigate at times because it lacks a consistent, static navigation bar. The navigation bar changes depending on the precise section of the website; this makes navigation rather difficult.

The off-putting marketing approach and needs-a-bit-of-polishing website design are actually quite deceptive, as the members-only portal interface is actually much “cleaner.” It’s easy to navigate and the learning materials are of great quality. That brings us to our next point of evaluation: the actual language learning system!


Program offerings

This online language learning system features a host of online offerings, which tout a high degree of interactivity. They’re very engaging, which makes the system effective for a number of learning styles, especially those who enjoy anecdotal learning with lots of audio elements.

A major bonus point for this language learning system is the fact that it’s specifically engineered and created for native English speakers (with the exception of the English course, which is designed for Spanish speakers). This is true of Rocket Spanish and the other ten language programs that are offered by Rocket Languages.

The dashboard is the primary member hub and it features access to the portal’s various program features, along with a convenient checklist and progress-monitoring tools, course offerings and lessons. It’s engineered in a way to streamline the student’s progression through the learning process .

The lessons entail a blend of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students start out by learning words, which are then combined into phrases. There are lessons designed for various practical settings, like “Spanish at the Restaurant,” “Spanish at the Hospital,” Spanish Transport Words” and so forth. This is ideal for travelers and other practical, real-life applications, since you can select and focus on lessons that are relevant for your upcoming trip or whatnot.

From there, you’ll learn about the more finite elements of Spanish grammar. There are several levels that you can progress through: Rocket Spanish Premium for beginners, Rocket Spanish Premium Plus for intermediates and Rocket Spanish Platinum for advanced learners.

If you are already impressed you can head over to Rocket Languages by clicking here


There are a number of different online Spanish learning tools available as part of the program, including:

Rocket Record – This is a handy feature that lets you compare your spoken words to the same words as spoken by native Spanish speakers. You record your voice saying a particular word or phrase and then, you’ll hear it played back to you, along with a native Spanish speaker’s pronunciation. This makes it easy to refine and hone your skills.

My Level Hear It, Say It – Rocket Spanish offers a two-pronged My Level testing system, which lets you administer self-tests so you can identify your strengths and areas that need a bit of work and improvement. The Hear It, Say It tool is one of the two My Level testing tools. Here’s how it works: “You get to check your understanding of spoken Spanish and to remember the words and phrases you’ve learned.” The tool lets you play an audio recording of a word or phrase, then it shows you the written word, then the translation. The student then issues a rating for the word in terms of how well he or she knows it: “not at all,” “needs work,” “so-so,” “pretty good,” and “it’s easy.” This enables you to organize the words into groupings, making it easier to organize your learning.

My Level Know It – Know It is the second prong of the two-pronged My Level testing system. According to the Rocket Spanish website, “Now, all the training in the world won’t help you if someone is talking to you in Spanish and your mind freezes when it’s your turn to speak! That’s why we developed Know It! The self-testing tool that really puts you on the spot!” It works by generating a word or phrase from your most recent lesson; you’re then recorded saying the word and you can compare your pronunciation to native pronunciation and rate it according to the five groupings that were mentioned above.

The Spanish Forum/Community – This is a great place to interact with other students, to ask questions and to get answers.

Spanish Games – Rocket Spanish offers games – Word Master and Phrase Master — that are similar to the type you see created for children who are learning to read and expanding their English vocabulary.

Notably, Rocket Spanish does not use the full-immersion method, which many beginners find to be difficult since they’re confronted with a language that they’re just beginning to learn! This

program utilizes English-speaking characters who guide you through the learning process.

There’s also a My Motivation section where students can discover their learning style (e.g. a visual learner, an audio-based learner, etc.) and then develop a learning strategy based on that learning style.

Is Rocket Languages easy to use?

When looking for programs to learn a language it is essential to keep the program as complete as possible but to give the user the ability to navigate the program easy.

Users are not looking to get a program that takes just as long as a language lesson to understand.

The people at Rocket Language have kept the program to just that. It is straight to the point for the most part. The only real people I could imagine having issues with the program are people who have never used a computer before.

Once familiar the programs Rocket Language presents are very straight forward and repetitive how to navigate through so it may be worth trying even if you are very novice with computers.

Rocket Languages Pricing

Rocket Spanish is priced at $99.99 for the full, “Level 1” premium lifetime membership which includes access to all of the software and online offerings and free upgrades. The high-end “Level 3” offering, which includes online access, plus a 20-disc CD-ROM set is priced at $299.99.

Like most other language learning systems, Rocket Spanish offers a free trial. It’s a six-day free- trial offer whereby you get access to all of the Rocket Spanish online offerings, which is nice since you’ll get a full taste of what the system has to offer. It’s definitely preferable to some other systems, which offer free trials with partial access; this makes it difficult to get a true feel for the offerings and whether they’ll work for you.

What’s more, there’s no credit card required to get the free trial, which is a definite perk. We all know how inconvenient it is to enter your credit card for a free trial offer; then, you discover that you’re forced to jump through 37 hoops in order to cancel before you get charged for an expensive purchase that you’ve decided that you don’t want to make! So yes, the “no credit card required” free trial is a definite perk.

In addition to Rocket Spanish, Rocket Languages offers a total of ten other languages, including English (for Spanish speakers), American Sign Language, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Arabic. In the coming months, a Brazilian Portuguese course is slated to be added to the Rocket Language roster.

My final verdict

Learning a language is not an overnight task so I will not conclude by saying that you will master the Spanish language in a  few weeks You need to actually put effort into it. For me I spent one hour a day for a 3 months getting down the basics before I was comfortable speaking but it worked!. This program is perfect for those who are starting out. Rocket Languages has received fantastic reviews by magazines like PC Mag and after using the software I understand why.

Wishing you great success 🙂