Hostgator and Multiple Domain Hosting

Whether business or individual, web hosting helps people communicate and boost their presence across the web.

The web hosting plan

At the start of any web hosting plan, businesses and individuals need a domain name. While they can purchase a domain name on their own, they can also have their web hosting provider help them purchase one, too. That usually happens at the start of the sign up process. After that, they’re walked through the choices of hosting plans available for them to purchase.

Though, most web hosting providers only allow customers to host a single domain name on a single account. This works for most customers, since they only plan on having one website, anyway. Though, for others, they need something more out of their web hosting plan—that doesn’t involve paying for 10 hosting accounts for 10 domain names.

Multiple domain hosting

Multiple domain hosting allows people to host multiple domain names (essentially websites) under just one web hosting account. Of course, it saves money. But, most importantly, it saves time. Since all of the names are under a single account, most just have to manage their websites from one account and under one control panel.

To ‘take advantage’ of multiple domain web hosting, you only need to sign up for an unlimited web hosting account. That type of web hosting account provides unlimited storage, unlimited data transfers, unlimited bandwidth (in most cases) and, most importantly, unlimited add-on domains. All of those features enable webmasters to host several domains under a single account without limitations impeding the use of any of those accounts.

Why do you need multiple domains?

Some people might assume having multiple domains is extraneous, though there’s a reason why some webmasters may need multiple domains.

The biggest reason is that it simply saves money. Many web hosting services allow customers to more or less buy domain names in bulk for hosting on their services, as a part of their add-on domain features. So, if you need separate domain names for certain aspects of your business, having that feature is pretty handy. In fact, you won’t have to make separate web pages for two business matters that are different from one another.

Multiple domain hosting also allows multiple people in the same household (or family) to share a single hosting account. Instead of having to purchase a separate account for each person, they can instead add-on their domain to the main account and enjoy the benefits that the rest of their family (or friends) enjoy.


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