Why You Need A Unique IP Address

Everyone has a unique residential address. So, why not have a unique IP address. The interesting thing about that is most people already have an IP address, usually assigned by their Internet provider. Though, they’re not typically unique, since they expire after a certain period of time.

If you have a website, you can’t rely on those IP addresses. There are reasons for that. One, they usually don’t ‘stick’ to websites. And, two, websites need unique IP addresses to reinforce their unique identity on the web. Google, Yahoo and other sites have unique IP addresses, so there’s no excuse for your site to lack one.

A unique IP address

An IP address is depicted as a set of 4 numbers that are assigned to a computer network device, usually a computer. IP addresses, within the context of the Internet, are considered the numerical representation of a website’s address. So, if you were to type in the IP address for a website, you’d be bought to that website.

In fact, IP addresses work like that when in action. When you type in a domain name, the browser works to match the domain name to an IP address. When found, the browser accesses the server there and, subsequently, brings up the website. Due to that process, it’s important to obtain a unique IP address for your website.

Why you need a unique IP address

It’s considered safer and more reliable to have a unique IP address. If your site’s IP address changed on occasion, it’d probably take longer for a web browser to ‘fetch’ your site. Not only that, malicious parties could take advantage of the volatile nature of your site’s IP to intercept it and possibly invade.

Sharing an IP address with other parties also increases the chances of your site experiencing more outages. So, if one site sharing an IP with over 500 sites gets blacklisted or blocked on a server, all of the other sites will get blocked or blacklisted, too. And, no one wants that!

A unique IP address boosts the stability and reliability of your website. With a unique one, you won’t have to worry about your site being affected by other websites on the same web server. If any other site was blocked or blacklisted, your site would stay put, since it has its own IP address.

If you plan to have a robust website, it’s important to have a unique IP address. That’s one of the most important parts of having a website in the first place.


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