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My Dream Travel Destination: Reviewing North Captiva Island

North Captiva Island

Over the years, I’ve traveled to dozens of locations across the globe. I grew up in a ‘well-off’ family where my parents didn’t believe on spending their money on material objects like cars and a tremendous home. Instead, we had more modest belongings; my parents chose to spend their money on travel.

So as a family, we’d take between 6 to 8 vacations per year. My parents viewed every school vacation served as an opportunity to travel; they’d even pull us out of school for weeks at a time for our family trips, believing that travel provided more enrichment than any teacher could provide in the classroom.

When I was five, my parents purchased a beach front condominium on Sanibel Island, located just off the shore of Fort Myers in southwest Florida. This condo would serve as our family retreat, particularly during Boston’s cold winter months. Ultimately, my parents fell so in love with the region that they decided to move there once we finished our schooling. Much to my dismay, they opted to sell the condo, using the funds to purchase a vacation home in another destination instead.

Without the condominium, it’s a bit odd visiting Sanibel; it’s bittersweet. The sale of the condo felt a bit like having a favorite rug pulled out from under you; there was a feeling of ‘home’ that was ripped away forevermore. I’ve tried to re-visit, but it’s not the same. The feeling of ‘home’ that made that island so special is gone; visiting feels a bit like a kick in the teeth.

My love for the region remains, so my dream travel destination is a nearby location: the island of North Captiva. This small island is situated just north of Captiva and it’s virtually undeveloped, save for a handful of private vacation homes and villas that are accessible only by boat.

North Captiva has all the same physical attributes of Sanibel — the incredible weather and beaches with shelling that’s to die for — without the difficult emotional baggage. And just like my visits to the area in childhood, there’s no worry about things such as shopping for groceries or cooking dinner, as most of the vacation homes come with help that will tend to all those matters. So it’s care-free in a way that closely mimics the delightful feeling of care-free that I enjoyed in childhood.

One of the best parts about North Captiva is the ability to bring our dogs — something that’s virtually impossible if you’re staying in a hotel or rental on Sanibel (where dogs are prohibited from going on the beaches during most of the year). For us, our dogs are part of the family, so naturally, my ideal vacation includes my four-legged children! North Captiva delightfully secluded, so you can not only bring your dogs, but they can run free, off-leash, without issue.

It’s also situated close enough to the mainland that you can venture out into civilization if you’re so inclined (though for me, the seclusion and quiet has always been part of the thrill.)

So indeed, my dream travel destination is the tropical paradise that is North Captiva Island.

Liposuction – my Christmas gift to me


Hey guys,

So it has been some time since i have posted on here.

I’ve actually just come back from a cosmetic surgery procedure.

I had liposuction and upper eyelid surgery.

I’ve had a roller coaster of emotions since I’ve had it. Firstly I was by myself with no friends or family around me which kind of sucks. I wasn’t really afraid of the surgery itself but it just felt a little lonely been in a totally different state 1000 kilometres away from everyone.

The best news is that my sister, brother in law and friends have all been very supportive and understanding of why i am doing this.

My eyes feel considerably swollen still. I hope that they come good for new years eve. There is still what I believe to be dissolvable sutures in them and a purple glue. They have healed incredibly quick but like with everyone i wish it would hurry up.

I had my surgery on the 20th december and today is the 26th december. The yellow bruising has started to appear all over my body which sucks but i know it will go away very soon.

Anyways thats just a little mini post from me to let you all know I’m still here and i will be blogging very soon.

Wishing all of you a merry christmas and safe and happy holidays.

Blackberry is still the best productivity platform. Period.

Blackberry Q10


Blackberry has been receiving a bad wrap recently and frankly I don’t understand why.

I have been a long time Apple fan boy but at the same time I love my blackberry.

It’s such a shame that the media has attacked blackberry ever since their OS 10 launch and everyone has joined the bandwagon to discredit the amazing productivity the blackberry can bring you.

Okay, so it’s not the choice of phone for your average hipster but in terms of productivity, Blackberry is superior to any platform out there when it comes to business.

Nothing compares to the Blackberry hub integration.

Nothing compares to the precision of the physical blackberry keyboard.

This is hardly a blackberry review but rather a mini rant.

The company is in trouble – yes we know, but they need to be given a chance.

The bad press is only further tarnishing their brand unfairly.

I hope that blackberry can survive the negative media frenzy surrounding them because they deserve to maintain position as the 3rd most popular device in the world.

Blackberry if you are reading this I want to give you some advice- It’s fairly obvious you have lost a huge chunk of your consumer market. You really need to find more celebrity ambassadors for your brand. Celebrities like the Kardashian girls were long time users of your brand and I am certain that their influence once brought much success to your brand. You need to get the celebrities on board and the cool kids will come flocking back to blackberry.

For now I remain a loyal iPhone user and a Blackberry long time admirer.

Long live blackberry.

Forever Comfy Review: A Goopy Not-So-Comfy Mess!


As a freelance writer, I spend an average of 12 to 16 hours per day working, which means I spend a long portion of my day sitting down. After about eight hours of sitting, even the most comfortable chair starts to feel like a brick! So when I saw the Forever Comfy cushion advertised on TV, I was totally sold!

So when I saw it at Wal-Mart, I scooped it up! I purchased my Forever Comfy cushion for $19.99 — and it turns out that I spent $19.99 too much!

This cushion not only self-destructed; it also took down my office chair and my favorite pair of pajama pants in the process! And all because the Forever Comfy is filled with the goopy equivalent of evil!

Here’s the story:

I got my new Forever Comfy home. Excited, I ripped it out of the package and plopped it down on my office chair. I was in heaven! It was really nice! I even picked up a second one for my husband’s office chair!

Then, a few days passed and I noticed it wasn’t so comfy anymore. I compared it to the brand new one on my husband’s chair — he hadn’t used it yet since he was away on business — and my Forever Comfy cushion was about half an inch shorter than his. In just eight days, it lost a good portion of its fluffy-ness!

Epic fail number one for Forever Comfy. Here’s a marketing tip: Don’t put the word ‘forever’ in your product name if it only stays comfy for a week! And let me add that I’m not a heavy woman; I weigh 103 lbs. So it’s not as though I’m a 400-pounder left scratching my head and wondering why the damn cushion flattens out. I probably weigh less than a majority of the American adult population. So it seems like the quality of the foam just plain sucks.

But it was still more comfortable than my bare office chair cushion, so I kept using it.

After a few days, a new problem arose: the super thin gel pad (which is sandwiched between two layers of low-quality foam, and to be honest, I doubt it makes any difference!) started to slide out of place. It was scrunching up, causing uncomfortable lumps. So I took to flattening out the gel pad a few times per day.
But even with adjustments, it was still more comfortable than my bare office chair, so I kept using it. I’d pay the price for that decision!

A couple days ago — about two and a half weeks after I purchased it —- I was perched atop by Forever Comfy, writing an article for a client when I felt an odd, cold sensation when my leg brushed against my pajama pants. Strange, right?

I jumped up out of the seat to investigate and found that I was sitting amidst a growing pool of goop. Somehow, the gel pad layer broke and the gel started to seep out. It was the most disgusting, goopy gel I’ve ever encountered. It was so incredibly sticky! And it was all over the chair cushion, my pants and the floor.

So, epic fail number two for Forever Comfy: Not only did my Forever Comfy self-destruct, but it also ruined my office chair and stained my pants! For the past two days, I’ve been soaking my pants in laundry detergent with no luck. I’ve tried de-greaser. I’ve tried dish soap. I even tried letting the pants dry out, thinking the goop would dry up, allowing me to scrape it off. No dice.
I don’t know what they’ve put in that Forever Comfy goop, but I think they’re on to something with that formula as it’s impossible to remove!

I even went online to read Forever Comfy reviews, hoping I’d find someone who had the same problem who may mention how they got the goop out of fabric. No luck. While lots of other consumers have also found themselves covered in sticky, goopy gel, nobody mentioned any effective remedy for removing it from upholstery or clothing.

Of course, the actual Forever Comfy cushion was trashed. Covered in goop. So to sum it up, the take-home points of my Forever Comfy review:

Forever Comfy, you owe me $19.99, a new pair of PJ pants, a new, unstained office chair, two rolls of paper towels and about two hours of my time!
So, if you’re considering a Forever Comfy, please save yourself the hassle and mess! Opt for a nice pillow instead. That’s what I did and it’s worked nicely. It’s comfortable and it hasn’t left me covered me in sticky goop!

Adirondacks Review – My version of paradise

Adirondacks Review

I grew up in a family of world travelers. In fact, I took my first steps in the Denver airport! My family had a fair amount of money, but rather than buying expensive cars and other luxuries, my parents spent their money on travel and it’s a gift that’s enriched me as a person in so many ways.

My parents sought to see as much of the world as possible, so unlike many families, who would vacation in the same location year after year, my family was different. We saw the world and we rarely ever visited the same location twice. My family had a very unique vacationing approach. When it came to travel, we weren’t your lazy, relaxing, laid-back family; we were the family with a five-page-long itinerary, with each day planned out to the minute so as to see as many sights as possible! And while it was wonderful exploring new places, these were the sort of fast-paced travel experiences that left you in need of a second vacation in order to relax and unwind!

Around the age of 10 or 11, I started vacationing with my best friend’s family during the summer. Year after year, her family went to the same place: the family vacation home in the Adirondacks in upstate New York.

Each trip started with a four-hour drive and a sometimes-frightening ride on the ferry across Lake Champlain. We would soak up the sun, all the while looking for Champ, the mythical lake monster.

After an anticipation-filled 40-minute drive from the ferry drop-off, we’d arrive at the family’s Adirondack’s estate, owned by her socialite step-grandparents. Located at the end of a winding, hilly dirt road, the estate was perched on a remote hillside, overlooking a gorgeous little private lake. The estate, comprised of a huge main house and two guest houses, was situated amidst a beautiful pine forest that was filled with tons of interesting nooks and crannies, like the massive moss-covered rock formation that stood outside the kitchen window — a place where deer would often stop off during their travels.

The estate was a wealthy person’s approximation of ‘roughing it’. But in reality, it was anything but ‘rough,’ right down to the caretaker who would stock the freezer daily with massive chunks of ice, harvested from the lake during the winter. The estate had enough bedrooms to sleep a small army of 27. The interior was furnished in traditional Adirondack-style furniture, with wood plank floors, white birch rafters and a stone hearth that was topped with a massive moose head that gave the estate its unique name.

Sitting on the deck of the main house, you were treated to a view of the lake below, with an incredible mountain range backdrop. Simply stunning.

This beautiful setting is home to some of my best childhood memories; it was a place of warmth, of family. It was a place where the days were spent exploring the forests, reading on the dock, catching frogs along the lake’s shore and swimming. The nights were filled with board games, delicious home cooked meals and talk of the next day’s hike. In fact, the great room was home to a massive map, filled with different colored pins to indicate which family members had climbed each mountain peak. There was no itinerary. No rushing from one site to the next. It was a warm, home-like place where I grew to love my friend’s family as much as my own.

I’d travel to the Adirondacks with my friend’s family for more than a decade; until my mid-20s — a time when distance and life got in the way of our friendship.

Today, I look back on my travel experiences — experiences that have taken me to five continents and 37 countries — and it’s those trips to the Adirondacks that I hold most dearly. If I could go back in time to re- live a travel experience, you would find me in the Adirondacks. Indeed, seeing the world with my own family was wonderful. But this was a different type of travel…it was traveling to a place where you would discover friends, family and yourself, amidst a beautiful woodland setting. It was, quite simply, my version of paradise.

Make it count

Life is either daring adventure or nothing at all.

Well, what a way to start off an impromptu video. I discovered this video from Nike called ‘Make it count’. In this brief review I want to say that I found this extremely inspirational.

I guess this video really hits home and in a sense makes me realise how short life is.

There are those that will spend 40 years paying off their home and trying to replicate society’s idea of what ‘life’ should be. And then there are those that want to make every second of life count and fill it with adventure and experiences.

I want to be the latter.

Exploring other cultures and travel for the rest of my life would be a dream come true.

For now, enjoy the vid.

Creativity is a beautiful thing with Adobe – My review

I have always been in love with anything creative as far as I can remember.

I think the obsession started as a young child. I was fascinated by creating things whether it was a movie, an artwork or even a dance routine for my sister. I was one whacko child – I guess I still am that whacko child.

Art is more than just an expression of yourself. It is an extension of your inner voice that no one else can hear except you. It is an outlet to explore your inner passions.

This isn’t a serious review about Adobe products but I do feel inclined to write about Adobe Creative cloud.

I discovered Adobe Photoshop in my teen years. I am by no account a professional! I am as amateur as they come, but Adobe products have brought so much joy to my life. Whether it be doing a photo shoot for a friend or some touch ups for a family member, it has always brought this sense of happiness to my life.

I often wonder why I have never explored a career in a creative field. Perhaps it is self sabotage in some way or a fear of not being good enough. I often wonder what a career in a creative medium would have been like for me.

I wanted to share this video in this so called Adobe Creative cloud review (where is the review lol).

Rather than putting the review into words I think this video best sums up the impromptu joy, happiness, surprise and humanity products like Adobe Creative cloud bring into our lives.

Enjoy. And be inspired.

The sound of summer

So for some of you summer has finished and for others it’s only just began. Then there is those of you who chase summer all year round. I wanted to share this amazing track with you all as I believe it summarises the start of any summer beautifully. This isn’t meant to be a music review, just a true appreciation of what real electronic dance music, namely house, is capable of capturing.

Long live the spirit of house music.


Carl Cox is the most amazing DJ on earth

If you are into Electronic Dance music and you haven’t heard of Carl Cox, you must be hiding under a rock or you actually have the nerve to believe that what mainstream calls EDM is real house music.

My utmost respect goes out to this guy.

I have seen him play all over the world. No DJ can reproduce that Carl Cox feeling.

And if you are totally obsessed with the guy then you should watch this interview also.