Bluehost vs Hostgator January Review 2018 – Who wins?

Bluehost vs HostgatorSo you have finally decided to start that blog or perhaps you are in the market to host your business domain somewhere. I can only imagine that you must be extremely confused as to where you should host your site.

Finding a reliable host can save you a lot of headaches down the track.

I have often heard the debate between friends regarding who is more superior Bluehost vs Hostgator, Hostgator vs Bluehost and so on.

In this updated January 2018 review I am going to focus on both hosting companies considering that I currently use both for hosting different sites. Let the battle begin!

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Review: iRobot Roomba vs Neato Botvac

irobot roomba vs neatoAre you in the market for a robotic vacuum? If so, you’ll find that there are lots of autonomous vacuum robots available on the market, two of the most popular being the iRobot Roomba and the Neato Botvac. So let’s take compare these two models and see how they stack up. Continue reading “Review: iRobot Roomba vs Neato Botvac” »

Learning Spanish

Rocket Spanish is just one of the many foreign language learning systems available through Rocket Languages, which promotes its ability to teach people how to “speak and understand a new language faster.” Today, we’ll explore the pros and cons of this program and how it compares to some of the other Spanish learning programs that are available.

As my businesses started to expand I realized I needed to network more, and my potential investors for my niche of business were foreign. They were Spanish and I realized I needed to connect with them on their level of speaking.

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5 of the hottest home designs

Are you part of the growing movement that loves house pawn? That is, incredible homes that are enough to make anyone drool thanks to some truly spectacular features, architecture and décor?

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